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Injury Rehabilitation Pilates White Rock | Diva Fitness & Pilates Studio

Injury Rehabilitation Through Pilates in White Rock

Pilates is A Great Physical Therapy Alternative
For Injury Rehabilitation

Pilates is a holistic and full-body workout that considers the body functions as a whole. Through evaluation of the strength, state, and target of movement, Pilates training can be modified to facilitate the injury rehabilitation of your muscles. It is safe as it does not require weights which may not support the rehabilitation process. Working with an instructor helps you improve mobility, movement patterns, and strength in your body without putting the injured area at risk. Therefore, Pilates provides a solution as it will safely improve your current state of injury and prevent you from future injuries.

Injury Rehabilitation Through Pilates

 Through evaluation of the strength, state, and target of movement, Pilates training can be modified to facilitate the injury rehabilitation of your muscles. It is safe as it does not require heavy weights which may not support the rehabilitation process. 

Benefits of Taking This class

Joining Our Pilates For injury rehabilitation at least twice a week is enough to notice a difference in your strength, flexibility, and balance.

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What Makes Pilates A Great Workout Alternative

More than just a regular exercise, Pilates has been recommended by physicians as one of the most effective choices for rehabilitation of injury. It provides a workout that stresses on aspects like control, concentration, breathing, centering, and strength. If you have lower backache or have an injury, Pilates is the best choice.

Tackle Muscle Imbalance

Pilates corrects muscle imbalance as the exercises target the muscles. The exercises are designed to strengthen your core muscles. Building a strong core develops strong core muscles and there tackling muscle imbalance.

A Flexible Treatment Option

Pilates workout program provides a high degree of flexible treatment options. Physicians recommend it for treatment after an injury. It is a great exercise as it promotes good posture and agility by strengthening the core, which is the center of the body.

The Effectiveness of a Pilates Workout

Pilates a good full-body workout. It is effective in lengthening, strengthening, and toning your muscles through repetitive and controlled motion. It increases muscle strength and endurance.

Posture Correction

Pilates exercises train the body as a unified whole focusing on flexibility and posture. Pilates does this by developing the core strength, improving flexibility, and good spinal alignment.

Teaches good movement habits

Pilates can be a great choice for improving strength and mobility. They help your body move in smooth transitions between slow controlled movements, strengthening and stretching the body, and improving mobility.

Supports your mind

Pilates is more than just a workout. It provides complete coordination between the body and the mind by focusing on the physical body and mental awareness. By practicing every exercise, you train both the mind and body to work together.

FAQ: Injury Rehabilitation Through Pilates in White Rock.

Regular Pilates helps to prevent and speed the recovery of an injury. It targets the center of the issue, i.e., strengthening the core to ensure that your body is resistant to injury.  A combination of low-impact exercises and flexibility makes Pilates a good rehabilitation treatment to restore balance.

Pilates exercises are effective for recovery due to their adaptability and low impact. It provides great modifications no matter the injury you have. Pilates is effective in restoring muscle function. It is essential in activating the deep stabilizers after an injury. Pilates exercise is fantastic, especially for knee and back injuries.

Pilates help to restore muscle function. It improves the range of motion, and any form of overcompensation from one side of the body can be done. It also improves your mental capacity in connection to injuries. It sets your mind to recover and overcome an injury.

Not Sure which Pilates Program is Right For You?

If you are interested in one of our pilates classes but you are confused about which class is right for you, we suggest that you book an information session with us. Our instructors will do an assessment with you so that we can recommend the right class.

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Diva Fitness and Pilates Studio have been serving the White Rock/South Surrey area for 26 years.

We have Pilates classes on the Reformer offering a wide range of class types from one on one training to group classes. These classes are designed to lengthen and strengthen your muscles without adding bulk, improve your core strength and balance, better your posture and help with any muscle imbalances just to name a few.

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