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Pilates For Seniors White Rock | Diva Fitness & Pilates Studio in Surrey

Pilates For Seniors in White Rock, BC.

Pilates Specialized For Seniors

Pilates Specialized For Seniors

Regular exercise is essential to physical and mental well-being at any age and becomes even more critical for seniors. Whether you already have an established exercise regimen or are just getting started, Pilates can help you better reach your movement goals. Pilates exercises are excellent in strengthening your core and reversing the flexibility that we associate with aging. It is not too late to learn how to incorporate it into your fitness. Pilates exercises require focus, attention, deliberate movement, slowing down, and staying in connection with your mind and body. There is always a way to modify and exercise.

Benefits of Taking This class

Joining Our Pilates For Seniors in White Rock BC for at least twice a week is enough to notice a difference in your strength, flexibility, and balance.

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How Using a Pilates Reformer Will Help You

Pilates is wonderful for every body of every age. Seniors, in particular, can really benefit from a Pilates practice. Balance, strength, flexibility, focus, and your breath are all areas you may notice have changed with age.

For Seniors with Limited Range of Motion

Pilate Reformer allows people with a limited range of movement or injuries to safely do modified exercises. The limited range of motion targets the small, deep muscles that Pilates is working with.

For Seniors with Osteoporosis

Pilates reformer provide an excellent opportunity for low-impact weight-bearing exercises for seniors. Additionally, the exercises focus on alignment while strengthening the spine and core, which are essential for seniors with Osteoporosis. 

For Seniors with Arthritis

If you have arthritis, you need a low-impact exercise, and Pilates is gentle and does not stress your joints or ligaments around the joints. They strengthen abdominal muscles taking pressure off painful joints helping maintain mobility.

Pilates for Older Women

Pilates reformer classes are ideal for older women as they incorporate posture and core strengthening exercises. It also helps boost your immunity mainly because of improved circulation.  

Pilates for Older Men

Pilates has many physical benefits, from flexibility to core strength and balance to efficient movement patterns and uniform development. These benefits are a hallmark of the Pilates method and are also highly relevant to men’s fitness.

To Avoid Injury

Pilate Reformer offers you total body conditioning. Unlike other weight-bearing and high impact exercises, you are able to lengthen and tone your muscles through Pilates in a way that helps you avoid injury.

Pilates For Seniors FAQ

Yes, Pilates is a great exercise for seniors and older people. This is because it is a low-impact exercise with subtle movements. It does not have the impact on the body as other forms of exercise do.  Additionally, it does not affect the joints as most workouts. If you are a senior and haven’t exercised, Pilates is a good place to start.

Pilates is a good way for older women to start exercising. One most essential benefits of Pilates exercises for older women is that it helps in strengthening the body’s “powerhouse” – abdominals, legs, back, hips, and arms. Pilates tone the muscles beginning from the core. Pilates is essential as it focuses on issues of connecting the mind and the body.

Pilates is important for everyone. Older men, mainly, can really benefit from these exercises. Pilates exercises prevent injury and target the lower back and abdominal muscles while improving the body strength, balance, and flexibility that changes with old age. When you have a strong body core, your body is supported.

Not Sure which Pilates Program is Right For You?

If you are interested in one of our pilates classes but you are confused about which class is right for you, we suggest that you book an information session with us. Our instructors will do an assessment with you so that we can recommend the right class.

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Diva Fitness and Pilates Studio have been serving the White Rock/South Surrey area for 26 years.

We have Pilates classes on the Reformer offering a wide range of class types from one on one training to group classes. These classes are designed to lengthen and strengthen your muscles without adding bulk, improve your core strength and balance, better your posture and help with any muscle imbalances just to name a few.

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    Book An Information Call.

    Pilates is not your typical fitness class. Your pilates journey starts with a simple information call where we explain the level of classes, how they work, and who they’re for. The call is also a great way for us to answer any pilates questions you may have and how it can help you with injury rehabilitation, weight loss, and more!