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Level 1 Pilates - White Rock Pilates & Fitness Studio

Level 1 Pilates


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Pilates levels lend structure to the repertoire of exercises to ensure that you are learning the essential principles before moving to more challenging exercises.

Pilates level 1 are for our students who have done at least one term of Essential Pilates and for those who want to continue to work at a moderate pace. At level 1, we introduce a wider range of exercises other than what we teach you during the essential stage. You will learn more regarding how to breathe, stabilize and mobilize your body, gaining much greater control, balance and power.


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    Pilates is not your typical fitness class. Your pilates journey starts with a simple information call where we explain the level of classes, how they work, and who they’re for. The call is also a great way for us to answer any pilates questions you may have and how it can help you with injury rehabilitation, weight loss, and more!