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Pilates for Seniors: Consultation & Assessment - White Rock Pilates & Fitness Studio

Pilates for Seniors: Consultation & Assessment

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Our Pilates program for Seniors are excellent in strengthening your core and reversing the flexibility that we associate with aging.

We understand that regular exercise is essential to physical and mental well-being at any age and becomes even more critical for seniors, so during this consultation & assessment, you will be going through a full pilates workout where we get to assess your mobility, strength, balance and the level of pilates you can do. This way, we can find out which pilates program is best suited to help you improve mobility, movement patterns, and help you better reach your movement goals.


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    Pilates is not your typical fitness class. Your pilates journey starts with a simple information call where we explain the level of classes, how they work, and who they’re for. The call is also a great way for us to answer any pilates questions you may have and how it can help you with injury rehabilitation, weight loss, and more!