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I recently started Pilates when I needed to start strengthening my body after a recent injury. I wanted a gentle, whole body workout and was glad Diva Fitness was still open and accepting new clients. Class sizes are small and personal.

I have had the pleasure of working with both Sherri and Shelby. They are both very devoted and knowledgeable and keep a close eye out during workouts to make sure the moves are being handled correctly and always have an alternative if unable to perform something specific.

Diva Fitness is one of a few places around where they take a hands-on approach to fitness and I appreciate being pushed to new levels as I get stronger. Pilates is a great addition to everyone’s fitness regime at any level.


Helen McFadden
At age 75, active all my life and now finding arthritis and age tightening up my joints, I decided to try Pilates. I called Diva and was offered a private session to see how it would work for me. Now I go twice a week to work on the Reformer with a class of four other ladies. Shelby and Sherri are both terrific instructors who are able to individualize classes so they work and and are safe for every person. I'm loving it as a full body workout, and find great improvements in my posture and strength. Looking and feeling younger and more fit, and feeling fantastic doesn't hurt either! Thanks Diva Fitness! And for anyone interested in investigating Pilates, I'd say go for it, give it a try, you could end up as delighted with it as I am.
L. Webster
Diva Fitness and Pilates has been extremely beneficial to me. I suffer from knee issues and arthritis so my goal was to improve my core strength, and flexibility. Surprise, I did this and more. My posture, coordination, balance, and body tone improved immensely in addition I developed longer and leaner muscles. Sherri and Shelby are knowledgeable, dedicated, motivating, and innovative Pilates instructors. Only five clients per class so clients enjoy the one-on-one attention to perfect and correct, no getting lost in the crowd at Diva Fitness. If you want excellent, challenging workouts, with encouraging, knowledgeable, warm and welcoming instructors Diva Fitness should be your new addiction. The friendships and comrade are additional benefits.

Pilates Studio Like No Others!

Karina Lauren Cebuliak
I love the girls at Diva Fitness! Hertha, Shelby & Sherri - all fantastic and booty barre rocks!!

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Serving South Surrey & White Rock For the Past 28 Years

Our Pilates studio is located in the heart of white rock. We have brand new Professional STOTT reformers with Towers, with Cardio Tramps, and props. We offer Pilates classes on the reformer and a wide range of class options, from 1 on1 training to Essential, intermediate, and Advance group classes.

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Pilates is not your typical fitness class. Your pilates journey starts with a simple information call where we explain the level of classes, how they work, and who they’re for. The call is also a great way for us to answer any pilates questions you may have and how it can help you with injury rehabilitation, weight loss, and more!